Commercial Real Estate

June 14, 2019By Bill Conroy

Other cities around the country, including Seattle, are also coping with business disruptions due to rising homelessness

May 30, 2019By Rob Smith

The sharing economy increasingly extends to housing developments

May 29, 2019By Rob Smith

The Los Angeles company paid $86M for development rights

May 23, 2019By Rob Smith

A Colliers report says rampant hiring is creating a need for new units

May 13, 2019By Rob Smith

The Building Bellevue map shows designs, renderings, details and contact information

May 10, 2019By Bill Conroy

The Seattle company plans to bolster Zillow Offers revenue punch by expanding its reach

May 8, 2019By Bill Conroy

The social media behemoth is occupying the just-completed Arbor Blocks 300 office building

April 30, 2019By Bill Conroy

The submarket accounted for 74 percent of the space leased in large deals in first-quarter 2019

April 26, 2019By Bill Conroy

Predominately black and Hispanic neighborhoods were disproportionately affected by the crisis, study shows

April 18, 2019

Niki Stojnic

Thousands of condo units are now in the pipeline after several years of no inventory.

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