September 10, 2009

By Linda Steffen

As it turns out, CEO pay is tied to company performance. It is all relative, however, and when companies perform poorly, executives are increasingly seeing their compensation reflect that lack of performance. In 2008, the total compensation of the top 50 highest paid public company CEOs in Washington dropped 30 percent to $143.1 million as…

  • September 2009

June 25, 2009

By Myke Folger and Nick Horton

Tangerine Travel boasts a spa-like atmosphere with weekly massages and yoga twice a week. The Frause Group gives all employees $500 and four hours in July to go on a shopping spree. The Resource Group offers free wine and beer on Fridays, while Madrona Solutions Group purchases Seattle Sounders tickets for its workers. Those are…

  • July 2009

November 20, 2008

By Jenny Lynn Zappala

Not all pink slips are created equal. Terminate employees properly, and you will find that keeping existing employees, strengthening your reputation and attracting qualified candidates is easier and less expensive than using Donald Trumps favorite youre fired method. If layoffs are coming due to this shaky economy, give employees fair warning and the full picture….

  • December 2008