This Seattle Company Sends Two Lucky Employees on an Expenses-Paid Vacation Each Year

Logic20/20, a business consulting firm, believes in rewarding employees who embody their values

By Emma Franke June 27, 2019


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Logic20/20 Inc. is no stranger to the flashier aspects of company perks. Each year, two lucky Logicians receive an all-expenses paid week off from work and a trip around the world with another person of their choosing as a reward for embodying the Logic 20/20 values.

Those values, which include excellence, integrity and community, have helped create a culture of we at Logic20/20. The business and technology consulting firm, which specializes in analytics, improving digital process, and strategy, has been a member of Seattle Business magazines 100 Best Companies to Work For since 2016, and its not just the impressive perks that have gotten them there.

Just because we’ve already been recognized multiple times over as a Best Company to Work For doesn’t mean that leadership is resting comfortably, says one employee. Additional changes, updates and improvements have taken place in the last 6 months to ensure the company is listening to employee requests, grievances and wishes. Watching leadership consider feedback, work with employees to enact changes, inspire their teams and still do similar levels of delivery work as the rest of the staff is incredibly encouraging of long-term impressions of the company and its goals.

Growth and Development

The team of 280, spread between four offices in Washington and the Bay Area, has grown steadily since the company’s founding in 2005. By looking for team members that value building relationships both in and out of the Logic20/20 organization, says digital marketing lead Kimberly Smith, we have built a team of curious learners with a collaborative spirit.

Logic20/20 provides free training to their existing employees, which encourages participation in a constant cycle of growth. Another aspect of that growth comes from the clearly defined tracks within the company: employees can easily pinpoint what their ideal career path could be, and tools like budgets for certifications and other training make growth and development feel accessible to everyone. It became clear to me very quickly after joining Logic 20/20 that this company not only offers a job but offers a career, according to one employee.

Those certifications and training opportunities are on the long list of benefits that Logic20/20 employees have access to. From a gym membership, a kitchen full of free snacks, employee mentorship program, spot bonuses, internal sports teams and funding toward trainingthe company allows me to be a part of something bigger, says another employee. Logic 20/20 has competitive benefits for the Seattle area, but believes that a healthy work-life balance is part of that, as well. I love that the company enables its employees to invest time in bettering themselves, one employee adds.

Culture of We

The central values at Logic20/20 are excellence, integrity and a “culture of we. That collaborative culture, according to many employees, can be felt radiating from the top down. Our CEO talks to the entire company on a regular basis and says our doors are open, please come in, says Smith. Ive had unscheduled conversations with our entire leadership team and its truly welcomed; theyve been happy to share information about the company and brainstorm challenges.

The office itself is set up for collaboration, with a combination of individual workspaces and conference rooms, with spaces for teams to work out a problem on a whiteboard.

I love the fact that I can be really transparent with the things I don’t know and need help on, says one employee. Everyone is really good at communication and ready to help, working as a team to achieve the goals. Everyone represents the same team and not an individual when it comes to resolving anything.

The peer nomination program, Logically Outstanding Contribution Award (LOCA), is another aspect of the culture that encourages employees to look out for one another. People nominate their colleagues on a quarterly basis, and the company rewards one lucky winner for embodying core values. This year, the winner is heading to New Zealand on a week-long, all-expenses paid trip.


Its not only the winner of the big vacation that gets big rewards at Logic20/20, however. Situated right across from the stadiums in downtown Seattle, the office offers company ball game outings (and the chance to work from home and avoid gameday traffic). Once a year, candy train day brings employees together to construct trains from huge quantities of sweets, playing music and spending time together. There are game nights, lego-buildng activities, chances for happy hours and birthday celebrations. Employees have chances to volunteer together and give back to their communities. Says Smith, Its important to us to build relationships with people across the entire organization, not just with our immediate teams. Those relationships build a stronger community and in turn, help us build a strong company.

The tight-knit community keeps people coming back to Logic20/20 day after day. One employee summed up the culture by saying Logic20/20 leaves no one behind; everyone is brought on the journey.

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