Adriane Brown is comfortable being uncomfortable. Roxie Schescke gains more by letting go. Megan Meade doesn’t believe asking for help is a shortcoming. These women have used those life lessons in their trajectories to the top of a competitive business world in which women have been characterized as being “everywhere and nowhere.” It’s a male-dominated environment that to this day still preserves a glaring gender gap, widespread discrimination and a lack of diversity.

Elena Donio became a Concur employee in 1998 when it acquired the company she was working for at the time. She became president of the Bellevue-based provider of travel-and-expense management solutions in 2014 when Concur was acquired by the multinational software firm, SAP.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this saying. You’ve read it in a dozen books; you’ve heard it in a dozen motivational speeches. (If that last part is true, congratulations on surviving a dozen motivational speeches.)