Partnering, pairing, associating. Whatever you want to call it, health care organizations will continue to merge.

Yakima Valley fruitgrowers, agriculture startup Phytelligence and Washington State University are all suing each other over WSU's Cosmic Crisp and WA2.

“What it means for industry is that now you can actually make many, many more devices around you way smarter than they are right now.”

This Seattle pilot shares her story about how women in the aviation industry battle pervasive gender inequity and the normalization of sexual harassment.

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Bitcoin mining machines use a tremendous amount of power and the mid-Columbia utilities in Washington have long had some of the cheapest rates in the world.

Columnist John Levesque says this time, it's different. Donald Trump needs to be reined in, and accommodationist CEOs shouldn't go along with the open bigotry of his presidency.

Janicki Bioenergy’s high-tech waste treatment seems a boon for developing countries. Now comes the hard part: Convincing local municipalities that it’ll work here, too.