Health Care


With the scramble to implement electronic health records behind us, it’s now up to health systems to define what comes next.

The number of smokers and uninsured residents in Washington state decreased significantly over the last five years.

Seattle Business magazine's 2018 event celebrating Washington state's world-class health care sector is coming up soon.

 FenoLogica Biosciences works with the Pacific Northwest Research Institute to speed up scientific discoveries.

The state’s insurance commissioner said the president’s decision to immediately halt payments could likely lead to a collapse of health insurance markets nationwide.

These four loggers with the West Fork Logging Company in Lewis County were among the earliest beneficiaries of health insurance in Washington state. 

Seattle Business magazine is looking for individuals and organizations pioneering efforts to advance Washington's world-class health sector.


There are many benefits to workplace wellness programs, ranging from improved employee health, to controlled healthcare costs, to easier recruitment and retention of employees. 


Within the critical world of health care, what happens when the patient is the hospital building? How do Healthcare Facility Directors & Construction Managers make needed changes to their aging buildings, while ensuring no downtime or loss of comfort to their patients?