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Sick Son Motivates Mom to Create New Health Care App

Remmie Health's new app to monitor ear, nose and throat symptoms debuts Sept. 30

By Nat Rubio-Licht September 22, 2020

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Remmie Health’s new app to monitor ear, nose and throat symptoms debuts Sept. 30

Jane Zhang wanted to do something about her son’s repeated ear infections, which caused frequent medical visits and long waits at the doctor’s office.

Zhang, a Seattle resident and founder of telemedicine startup Remmie Health, will debut her FDA registered ear-nose-throat monitor and a matching app that connects patients with health care professionals without leaving their homes. The app and monitor can help patients track their symptoms in real time and share them with a professional immediately. Remmie Health will release the products Sept. 30.

Zhang, a 15-year veteran of health care product research and development, aims to create accessible telemedicine and cut down on unnecessary doctor visits. She also hopes Remmie Health will increase medical accessibility for low-income families and rural communities.

The monitor works by tracking symptoms and sending photos and videos to health care providers. Using the app, patients can connect with health care providers on the CareClix and MyTelemedicine platforms. Patients can also upload their photos, videos and describe their symptoms before appointments using the provider’s telemedicine platform.

On the app, patients can select a provider, wait in line and make appointments. The products can be used to observe symptoms for common illnesses, such as ear infection, common cold, flu, strep throat and pink eye.

“When kids are sick, we want to understand what’s wrong immediately, but have very limited symptom information to support decision making” Zhang says. “This can result in either frequent or unnecessary doctor’s appointments or waiting until a child’s symptoms dramatically worsen.”

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