May 16, 2019By Bill Conroy

Seattle lender tells shareholders that it is ramping up growth of commercial and consumer lending

March 19, 2019By Bill Conroy

Bridge Bank plans to recruit top financial talent to ramp up market share

October 24, 2016By John Levesque

States Big 5 remain the same in market share report.

  • November 2016

October 21, 2016By John Levesque

If you rob a bank and get caught, you go to jail; if the bank robs you and gets caught, well, never mind.

  • November 2016

September 19, 2016

Kim Vu, Puget Sound CSR Manager Bank of America

sponsored by Bank of America When Pearl Woo walked into the Washington State Low Income Housing Alliances annual meeting last summer, she felt a jolt of excitement at seeing so many nonprofit leaders together in one place. As a new intern, this was her first time attending a meeting of this caliber. She left feeling…

April 27, 2016

Michael Romoser

A conversation with Curt Fraser of Chase Commercial Banking.

March 22, 2016

Bill Virgin

Banking has certainly changed, but it has managed to avoid the disruption that upended other industries.

  • April 2016

December 5, 2012

Leslie D. Helm

Bob Peters took over the Washington operations of Bank of America in 2009, just as the bank faced a subprime mortgage crisis tied to its acquisition of troubled Countrywide Financial. Now, Peters is leading a drive to get the bank, which built its dominant local presence through the acquisition of Seafirst Bank in 1983, to…

  • January 2013

November 8, 2012

Bill Virgin

Some Washington banks made it through the recession in good shape. Some didnt make it at all, having been taken over by regulators or forced into mergers at distress sale prices. Then there were those institutions that had some nervous moments, with red ink appearing on the income statement, uncomfortably large portfolios of problem loans…

  • December 2012