100-Best Companies to Work For

100 Best Companies To Work For 2020: Common themes emerge

Making the prestigious list is truly an accomplishment during such a challenging time

By Rob Smith August 31, 2020


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Workplace culture doesnt just happen. Its deliberate and nurtured daily. Its built on trust, respect, teamwork and the belief that no one job is more important than another, regardless of title. As one employee at Vancouver-based credit-card processor Total Merchant Concepts Inc., put it: Narrowing down what I like most is like saying I just received all my favorite Christmas gifts and I need to pick one. Hard to choose.”

Total Merchant Concepts scored the highest of any company across all categories, making it the No. 1 place to work in Washington state in this years survey. All the companies on this years list have achieved something truly special, as the ongoing global pandemic forced them to rethink business models, create new communications systems and take unprecedented steps to ensure employee safety.

Companies nominate themselves and employees respond to a comprehensive survey administered by software firm Qualtrics. Responses remain anonymous and companies are scored across 10 major categories, including communication, training, rewards and recognition.

The scores earned by companies across all 10 categories are combined to reach an average score. Companies are ranked across four groups:

SMALL COMPANIES: 15-49 full-time Washington employees.

MIDSIZE COMPANIES: 50-150 full-time Washington employees.

LARGE COMPANIES: 150-plus full-time Washington employees.

Companies headquartered outside of Washington state with offices here.

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