100 Best Companies To Work For: Large

'I love the way management stepped up in the Covid-19 pandemic'
Updated: Wed, 09/02/2020 - 10:59
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Mutual of Enumclaw CEO Eric Nelson.

Workers at Washington's 100 Best Places to Work For (large companies, more than 150 employees) praise their companies for commitment, honesty and openness. Companies are ranked in order as determined by a vote of employees.

Bellevue | Software

“Our leadership is cut from a different cloth. They are remarkable humans who put the well-being of our team first. Always available and part of the crew.

Seattle | Software
“Outreach as a whole has been an absolutely incredible place to work during the novel coronavirus crisis. The operational teams, leadership and staff have all been jaw-droppingly resilient, adaptable, conscientious, diligent and competent while navigating this unprecedented catastrophe. “

Seattle | Software

“I have worked in tech for six years at several different companies. Highspot is by far the healthiest from a culture perspective, so far ahead of other companies its size. I truly wish I had found them earlier in my career.”

4.Evergreen Home Loans
Bellevue │Mortgage lender

“When I think about the way we do business, it's like a throwback to the days when deals were made over a handshake and a smile, when you gave your word and it meant something. That's how we operate here.”

5.Angel of the Winds Casino Resort
Arlington | Casino, hotel

“The company puts its employees first knowing that it will benefit from it in the long run. The culture is awesome and feels like you belong to a family. When the company does well, it reinvests in its employees.”

Seattle | Business management consultancy
“Thank you for everything you have done to support us during this Covid-19 pandemic. The ability to work remotely, while continuing to solve problems for our clients and taking care of our health, is very much appreciated.”

Bellevue | Software
“Working at Nintex has been a pleasant surprise in seeing how organizations can be focused and driven but still genuinely value their employees.”

8.Sequoyah Electric LLC
Redmond | Electrical installation
“I love the way management stepped up in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team took drastic steps to protect everyone, ahead of what local authorities were recommending, to limit the chances the virus could spread quickly.”

9.Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Co.
Enumclaw | Insurance

“I came here as my last job after having been self-employed for 22 years. As an older worker, they welcomed my mature skill set and work ethic.”

Bellevue | Business management consultant
“Awesome culture, free snacks/drinks make me feel valued and biannual reviews have a focus on employee goals, which makes me feel like Affirma is taking an active interest in my success and career path.”

Seattle | Residential real estate
“The company is indefatigable in its pursuit to provide the best experience to its customers. Every employee has bought into this mission and effort, which makes everyone feel like part of a team striving to accomplish a real tangible task.”

Bellevue | Employee engagement software

“The company shows us it cares about us. It’s clear that executives want us to enjoy our work and the company and make an effort to do so. Great medical benefits.”

Seattle | Software

“I am surrounded by team members who fully support and trust me. Leadership trusts you to do your job but provides help when you need it. It's a culture of fun and trust.”

Seattle | Architecture and design

“Leadership has really worked to get the employees out of their comfort zones and go professionally and personally, while making MG2 an enjoyable place to work. I really enjoy the energy of the company.

Seattle | Cosmetic research

“This organization is leaps and bounds more compassionate, organized and driven than any company I've worked for. In light of the pandemic, the upper execs have all cut budgets in order to keep us employed, which is such a relief.”

Bellevue | Education and pediatric therapy

“I absolutely love coming to work.  It is such a warm, welcoming atmosphere. I feel very supported in my role at Kindering and appreciate the high level of professionalism.”

17.PayScale Inc.
Seattle | Software

“I like the ease of getting answers from HR staff, the casual environment, the respectful communication, the messages from our CEO during these times, the DEI initiatives.”

18.Kidder Mathews
Seattle | Commercial real estate
“I have been asked to lunch by competing companies to ‘woo’ me away. Inevitably, the conversation gets turned around where the person who invited me considers coming to Kidder. I can't see going to work for any other company at this point!”

19.Grange Insurance Association
Seattle | Insurance        

“I feel that the company values the employees as people. They look at the holistic effect each employee brings rather than only looking at a limited data set of numbers to make decisions.”

Redmond | Software

“Management cares. Managers take the time to listen to each individual and help them develop a growth track that will either take the employee further in the company or out of the company.”

21.OAC Services
Seattle | Construction  
“I think the flexibility of being able to work from home and remotely has helped greatly given the Covid-19 situation, and I am extremely grateful to OAC for that. I think that OAC compensates fairly in the industry as far as I can tell.”

22.The Spur Group
Redmond | Business management consultant

“Good communication from leadership, especially around Covid-19 developments.  Also, really good benefits, great group of teammates and management listens well.”

23.Barghausen Consulting Engineers Inc.
Kent | Engineering

“Great work environment where employees are encouraged to have conversations and know each other individually. Casual conversations about nonwork-related topics are encouraged and conversations about a person's quality of life are supported.”

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