100 Best Companies To Work For: Midsize

Companies conquer chaos around Covid-19
Updated: Tue, 09/01/2020 - 11:00
  • Companies conquer chaos around Covid-19
  • Companies conquer chaos around Covid-19
BioLife executives strive for communication; NetMotion employees celebrate big wins together; Pivotal Commware encourages employees to speak up.

Employees at Washington state's 100 Best Companies to Work For (midsize category 50-150 workers) describe family atmospheres that emphasize communication. Companies are in order, based on employee feedback.

Seattle | Title and escrow

“My company's response to Covid-19 has never made me feel more valued as an employee. Before it was even a requirement, they were allowing us to work remotely both as a protection for ourselves but also with an emphasis on our responsibility as a company to society to not spread this.”

2.Evergreen Beauty College
Renton | Beauty college
“My boss is great! I don't think I would still be working here if it wasn't for her and my coworkers. Also, working for a family that takes care of employees shows how much it values their workers at this time of crisis.”

3.Pillar Properties
Seattle | Apartment developer, owner and operator
“Pillar and our culture represent my personal values well and they are never compromised. At every opportunity, we do the right thing even if it isn't easy. True leadership. Real investment in each individual and team.”

4.Birch Equipment Rental and Sales Inc.
Everett | Equipment rental/sales
“Best damn place I've ever worked for. Still happy to be here after many, many years. Thank you, Birch Equipment. This company and the people within it have become my second family.”

5.Amplify Consulting Partners
Bellevue | Consultancy
“The Amplify You program is a great perk. Team members get $1,000 every year to spend on themselves and provide a story on what they spent it on. Best leadership team I’ve worked with in 25 years.”

6.Maul Foster & Alongi Inc.
Vancouver | Environmental engineering
“It's truly a great place to work, especially given the chaos around Covid-19 in Seattle. Ever since the first case was announced in Seattle, our leadership has encouraged us to do whatever we need to do to stay safe. We also came out early with a plan.”

7.Pivotal Commware
Kirkland | Telecommuncations equipment supplier
“Structurally set up to enable individual success to lead to group success. Fosters team building and a sense of inclusion in all company goals and achievements.”

Bellevue | Software
“Think about Microsoft in March of 1992 when it launched Windows 3.1 and sold 3 million copies in the first three months. A year later, it was the most widely used operating system in the world.  This is where Icertis is headed.”

9.Impel NeuroPharma
Seattle | Biotechnology

“I'm incredibly happy with my manager and the company leadership, and they inspire me to continue working hard toward our noble company mission. Great people, important mission. Very empathetic.”

10.Berntson Porter & Co. PLLC
Bellevue/Seattle | Accounting
“Management strongly encourages individuality and makes every effort to make the environment inviting and productive in furtherance of our careers.”

11.NetMotion Software
Seattle | Software
“NetMotion is special and is on the verge of exploding into the tech scene. The leadership team is intelligent and creative and our CEO is a class act. These characteristics trickle down to the rest of the organization, creating a spectacular work environment.”

Seattle | Internet testing and analysis

“The culture starts with the leadership team. It supports a great work/life balance. I love coming to work and solving hard problems and also love knowing it's OK to set that aside when I go home.”

13.Pacifica Law Group LLP
Seattle | Legal services
“Intellect and accomplishment are valued, and community is promoted. This is the best place I have ever worked. It would be hard to imagine a better fit for myself. I am proud to be a member of this firm.”

Seattle | Software

“Subsplash was already set up to have employees successfully work from home during Covid-19 because we already had flexible work arrangements and a minimum of one work-from-home day a week for employees.”

15.Axia Home Loans
Bellevue | Mortgage banking

“With this recent pandemic, the company really shows how much it cares about its employees. Love the level of knowledge and leadership within.”

16.Geocaching HQ
Seattle | Outdoor recreation

“It's probably completely spoiled me for working anywhere else, honestly. I feel even more privileged to work with Geocaching during a global pandemic.”

17.Hanson Consulting Group
Kirkland | Consultancy

“We have great leadership, a great support system, awesome benefits and flexibility. We truly have a one-of-a kind company and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.”

18.FlowPlay Inc.
Seattle | Software

“FlowPlay has gone above and beyond in making sure employees feel safe and comfortable during the Covid-19 outbreak, issuing a work-from-home notice from day one and providing the tools people need to keep everyone in the loop while we're quarantined. That says a lot.”

19.Hiya Inc.
Seattle | Telecommunications
“Hiya is a hidden gem in the Seattle startup community. The company is successful and profitable, has a huge market opportunity, is full of smart, ambitious people, and also has created an engaging, fun and fair culture.”

Seattle | Technical services

“Teleion makes investments in the well-being of its employees. This attention to employee needs makes the corporate culture more inclusive, kind and genuine than any other place I’ve worked.”

21.Pacific Capital Resource Group Inc.
Bellevue | Financial services

“There are a lot of fun activities planned throughout the year. Everyone gets along really well. I feel happy and comfortable working here. For the past 23 years, I've been with Pacific Capital. I will retire here.”

22.Prime 8 Consulting
Bellevue | Business management consulting

“Even while separated because of Covid-19, this company finds creative ways to stay connected and keep morale up. Family is very important to the company.”

Seattle | Software

“Often, I might wait several months at a new company before making a determination of whether I'd recommend it to my network. At Knock, I was comfortable doing that within a couple of weeks.”

Bellevue |Software

“When a mistake is made, the employee is given the opportunity to fix it without being punished or shunned and is provided with assistance if they need help fixing it. Management cares.”

25.BioLife Solutions Inc.
Bothell | Biotechnology              
“The leadership team walks the talk and is collectively and individually very strong. The commitment to our customers is paramount. This is a great place to be on a great team. A team built of teams.”

26.Aduro, Inc.
Redmond | Clinical stage cancer immunotherapy
“During Covid-19, Aduro created extensive resources and services practically overnight for struggling companies, employees and individuals all over the country and provided them for free so we could help with this crisis.”

Seattle | Cybersecurity

“My answers probably look coerced or like propaganda, but I couldn't be more serious. Incredible company. DomainTools is the family I've never had.”

Kirkland | Data and analytics

“The CEO is really fun to work with and hangs out with all the employees from the little guys to the executive leadership team. Fun company, pleasure to work for. Spectacular response to Covid-19.”

29.Brighton Jones
Seattle | Financial services
“I appreciate the entrepreneurial and client-obsessed approach of the firm. I know that all actions we take are in the best interest of our clients. It is fun to watch the firm evolve.”

30.Legacy Telecommunications, LLC
Gig Harbor | Telecommunications

“Our CEO paid another employee while they were in chemo. He rocks! The owners are a family who treat employees like family. Team Legacy.”

31.Seattle Coffee Gear
Bellevue | Coffee machine supplier

“Seattle Coffee Gear has done great during the Covid-19 pandemic in providing employees information and assuring employees that the company has your back in these tough times.”

Wenatchee | Software
“Having to make difficult decisions that might negatively affect one or more employees is clearly taken personally by the executive team. Because of this, it feels like a close-knit family.”

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