Posted: Oct, 22 2016

Today, we are seeing more sophisticated inquiries by founders of private foundations in line with the discussions surrounding social impact investing. For many years, high-net-worth individuals have used the same formula to set up private foundations.

Posted: Sep, 19 2016

How to build a better nondisclosure agreement.

Posted: Jun, 23 2016

The under representation of women on boards of directors and in the C-suite is astounding in a world driven by analytics aimed at increasing the bottom line. Of the nearly 22,000 companies examined in a 2014 study conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, approximately 60 percent had no female board members, more than half had no women holding executive-level positions and fewer than 5 percent had a female CEO.

Posted: Apr, 28 2016

Our state’s ever-changing regulatory environment makes it hard to stay on the right side of the law. Here are some simple steps to help keep your business in compliance.

Bringing cord stem cell discoveries to the marketplace.

Posted: Dec, 21 2015

Lane Powell Legal Briefs

Posted: Nov, 04 2015

What do I do?

Posted: Oct, 26 2015

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Friedman vs. Porter and the trend toward shared value.