The Winners: 2017 Seattle Business Magazine Family Business Awards

See the winners of this year's awards here.

December 7, 2017

Treva Lind


Grit. Determination. Communication. Strategy.

All are characteristics common to family businesses putting their stamps on industries ranging from agriculture to boatbuilding across the state of Washington.

At the same time, these legacy companies make concrete commitments to transferring ownership to succeeding generations.

This year, Seattle Business magazine celebrates 11 recipients of Family Business Awards for their pluck, panache and perseverance in navigating the often difficult path of keeping it all in the family.

Meet the winners of the 2017 Seattle Business magazine Family Business Awards.

Heritage/Legacy Award:
Joshua Green Corporation

Business Transformation:
Twin Brook Creamery

Business Growth:
Cascade Gasket & Manufacturing

Best Practices:
Woods Coffee

Community Involvement:
Dynamic Language

Family Business of the Year (Midsize Firms):
Gold: Hewes Marine Company
Silver: Workpointe
Silver: Burgermaster

Family Business of the Year (Small Firms):
Gold: Kristoferson Farms
Silver: Claar Wine Group
Silver: Washington Shoe Company

Judges for the 2017 Family Business Awards

  • Dori Brewer, partner, Perkins Coie
  • Mary Dickinson, principal, Bader Martin
  • Loren Lyon, president and center director, Impact Washington
  • Tony Mestres, CEO, Seattle Foundation
  • Catherine Pratt, management faculty, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Christian Schiller, managing director, Cascadia Capital
  • Rich Simmonds, cofounder, Pacific Family Business Institute
  • Bhaj Townsend, president, Northwest Family Business Advisors
  • Joseph Williams, ICT industry sector lead and economic development director, state of Washington

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