The Winners: Seattle Business Magazine's 2018 Washington Manufacturing Awards

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What makes a manufacturing champion? Who better to explain than some of last year’s honorees, in what they said about themselves, and each other, at the Washington Manufacturing Awards banquet:

“These are the people that get the job done every day. They’re making things happen. They put the action in our vision.”

“We have at least one thing in common here tonight. That’s the understanding that creating value for customers is key to business success.”

“We all here are in the business of problem solving. For everyone in this room who’s stayed the course, who fought through adversity, we salute you.”

“I get the feeling that the American manufacturing spirit is alive. And that’s a cool feeling.”

“You guys make things rock. Keep pushing the industry.”

We offer our hearty congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to this year’s honorees!

Manufacturer of the Year, Large Firms
GOLD: Vigor Industrial

Manufacturer of the Year, Small Firms
GOLD: Pacific Metallurgical
SILVER: Bodypoint Inc.

Food/Beverage Processor of the Year, Small Firms
GOLD: Scratch and Peck Feeds

Food/Beverage Processor of the Year, Large Firms
GOLD: Crunch Pak
SILVER: Johnson Foods

Emerging Manufacturer, Midsize/Large Firms
GOLD: Mid-Mountain Materials

Nonprofit Manufacturer of the Year, Midsize Firms
GOLD: Bridgeways

Nonprofit Manufacturer of the Year, Large Firms
GOLD: Orion Industries

Innovation, Small Firms
GOLD: Global Fiberglass Solutions

Innovation, Large Firms
GOLD: MSR | Mountain Safety Research

Emerging Manufacturer, Small Firms
GOLD: Nortis Inc.
SILVER: Diversified Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing Executive of the Year
David McCarty: COO, Itek Energy, Bellingham

2018 Washington Manufacturing Awards Judges

Loren Lyon, president, Impact Washington
Thomas McLaughlin, executive director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS)
Barbara Mead, partner, Moss Adams
Hillary Parker, principal, Clark Nuber 
Bill Virgin, editor and publisher, Washington Manufacturing Alert 
Gary White, director of business retention and expansion, Tri-City Development Council

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Congratulations to the 2019 honorees!