The 2017 Leaders in Health Care Awards: Innovation in Health Care Delivery

Gold: Navos; Silver: Genoa

Gold Award

Through a range of treatment programs and support services, Navos Mental Health Solutions transforms the quality of life of people vulnerable to mental illness and substance use disorders. Navos patients are asked, “What’s happened to you?” instead of, “What’s wrong with you?” Often, it provides the last hope for people vulnerable to mental illness and addiction with nowhere else to turn. Navos CEO David Johnson says the cost of primary care for people with significant mental illness and/or substance use disorders becomes many times more expensive if those mental illnesses and substance use disorders are not adequately treated. “The whole-person integrated health care that Navos promotes and provides significantly reduces health care costs and also provides for a much better quality of life for those we serve,” Johnson says. Navos has been an innovator in the integration of primary and behavioral health care, infant and early childhood mental health, and trauma informed care. Its Peer Bridger program, operated with Harborview Medical Center since 2013, utilizes people who have experience with mental health and substance use challenges to help people in the psychiatric units of Navos and Harborview make a successful transition to the community after being discharged. Patients are advanced in their own recovery and have completed a six-month education program, worked as interns and passed a state exam to be certified as peer specialists. Navos is one of the largest providers of community mental health services in Washington state and the public mental health provider for more than 40 percent of all youths served by the King County community mental health system.

Silver Award
Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company

Genoa is one of the nation’s leading providers of specialized pharmacy and telepsychiatry services to individuals with complex chronic conditions, mental illness and those affiliated with managing the quality and cost of their care. Genoa operates more than 340 pharmacies in 44 states, serving more than 10 million individuals with mental illnesses and addictions. It operates 11 pharmacies in the state of Washington, including several located within not-for-profit community mental health centers in the Seattle area. 

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