GoGreen Conference this Wednesday to focus on green solutions for businesses as well as government agencies


Seattle Business magazine is pleased to be a supporter of the GoGreen Conference that takes place Wednesday. I will be one of the moderators at the conference, which offers innovative solutions and best practices for improving the sustainability of business operations. This conference is important to us because it complements our own efforts to recognize companies making significant efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. We are currently taking nominations for our Green 50 awards program here.

This year, the conference has been expanded to include efforts by municipal and regional governments to reduce their impact on the environoment. King County has singed on as the title sponsor for the event.

This year's conference will include the following:

- King County Executive, Dow Constantine, will give keynote remarks on the direction of the region and the County’s vision for a sustainable future.

-  A mayor’s Forum featuring the mayors from Snoqualmie, Kirkland and Redmond in a open dialogue on the quest to solve our nation's economic, health and environmental challenges and improve quality-of-life for citizens.

-  After a decade of being “too controversial”, climate change is back at the front of the agenda with a diverse panel of governmental, business, academic and NGO representatives discussing active solutions to stymie economic and environmental impacts we’ve experiences thus far, and what’s in the works for preventing further damage to our communities and livelihoods going forward.

-  Organizers have developed two new session formats to tempt attendees: demo workshops and solutions labs. The demo workshops will provide hands-on access to new tools and technologies in supply chain mapping, plus data collections and analysis. The solutions labs will explore architecture of change and brand communications around sustainability, allowing for in-depth, applied learning.

View the full program and speaker line-up at the GoGreen Seattle Website. The conference takes place Wednesday, April 24, 2013 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Conference Center in downtown Seattle (8th Avenue and Pike Street). Tickets can be purchased online until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23, and will be available in limited quantities on-site for an additional $25.



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