Family Style: Washington Family Business Awards 2012


This is the third year for Seattle Business magazine’s Washington Family Business Awards. And if ever a time seemed apt to call out the contributions of the family-owned business, it is now. As the economy slowly awakens from its prolonged nap, family-owned businesses are leading the way. Whether by virtue of committed owners whose shareholders are truly their closest relatives, or long-term strategies that ensure the survival of a company even in hard times, the best family businesses got through the downturn in relatively good shape because to do otherwise was simply not an option. Their owners and stakeholders knew that words like “trust,” “consistency” and “stewardship” are not marketing buzzwords. They are promises that must be kept. Between 60 and 70 percent of all businesses in the United States are family owned.  They create employment. They create wealth. They create community. On the pages that follow, we celebrate some of the best.

Legacy Winner: Campbell's Resort on Lake Chelan
Transitions Winner: Dishman Dodge Ram Chrysler
Best Practices Winner: AAOA Healthcare
Community Winner: Grounds for Change

Gold Winner: Baker Boyer Bank
Silver Winner: Powell-Christensen Inc.
Silver Winner: Oak Harbor Freight

Gold Winner: Cascade Gasket and Manufacturing Company
Silver Winner: Canlis Restaurant
Silver Winner: The Woods Coffee

Gold Winner: Dynamic Language
Silver Winner: Parfitt Way
Silver Winner: Westport Winery

Clarence Barnes,
Dean School of Business Administration, Gonzaga University
Dori Brewer,
Partner Perkins Coie
Steve Brilling,
Family Business Director Albers School of Busines and Economics, Seattle University
Ron Dohr,
President Dohr Family Business Consulting
Craig Nelson, President Washington Employers
Catherine Pratt, Director Family Enterprise Institute, Pacific Lutheran University
Christian Schiller, Managing Director Cascadia Capital
Rich Simmonds, Managing Partner Simmonds Associates


Publisher's Series: On Manufacturing

Publisher's Series: On Manufacturing

A conversation with Curt Fraser of Chase Commercial Banking.

Seattle Business Associate Publisher Michael Romoser interviews Curt Fraser of Chase Commercial Banking about Washington’s vibrant advanced manufacturing sector, a culture of innovation married with advanced manufacturing techniques, living-wage jobs that sustain community, and overcoming the skills gap through programs like New Skills at Work, Challenge Seattle and the Seattle Regional Partnership. Click to watch the video below.