2016 Tech Impact Awards: Marketing/Analytics

Winner: QuoteWizard

Location: Seattle | Employees: 195

CEO and cofounder Scott Peyree describes his fast-growing marketplace as the Expedia of insurance, helping to move a huge, longstanding auto, home and life insurance industry online, where consumers increasingly expect them to be. QuoteWizard’s role as connector, he explains, is to “make the process easier because we understand how all of the big carriers operate.” QuoteWizard has flourished by riding a wave of consolidation, building from 2,000 insurance agents five years ago to more than 8,000 today, helping about 32 million insurance shoppers compare quotes free of charge. The company is on track for $100 million in revenue this year from fees agents pay for sales leads. Peyree cites several possible areas for growth, including a click advertising platform for carrier websites, lead generation for telemarketing and Medicare supplement health insurance. The only certainty he can foresee is “a continual shift of how the dollars are spent and how consumers buy insurance products.”


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