The 2015 Community Impact Awards: Sustainability in Business Operations

October 19, 2015




Canyon Creek Cabinet Company
Canyon Creek Cabinet Company is fastidious in making sure its products and processes are environmentally friendly. Products meet the tough California standards on formaldehyde emissions and help multifamily projects, such as the Ballard Public Lofts & Market, meet LEED standards for environmentally friendly construction.

Canyon Creek CEO Bill Weaver was president of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association when the group created its environmental stewardship program, and Canyon Creek senior executives have served on the committee developing the groups guidelines for the past five years.

Careful recycling of waste acetone has reduced annual use from 200 55-gallon drums to 12. Canyon Creek also participates in a network that enables members to trade industrial byproducts. Two of our core values are to be a good community citizen and to be ecologically responsible, explains Weaver. We continually strive to find new ways to be a positive influence on our community, both in terms of outreach and responsible manufacturing.

Weaver adds that being on the leading edge of adapting new practices and technologies enables us to provide great products to our customers in an ecologically responsible manner.


Precor Inc.

The fitness equipment maker Precor is not only body conscious but also eco conscious. Educating employees on recycling and waste reduction has greatly reduced the amount of waste the business produces. Now recognized as a zero hazardous waste generator, Precor recycled more than 69 tons of Styrofoam, bubble wrap and other plastic packing materials last year.

Edifecs makes software that streamlines the exchange of information between health care providers and insurers. The company has a big green streak. In a recent move to new offices, Edifecs distributed reusable box crates instead of cardboard boxes. New office furnishings are largely made from recycled materials. The company also maintains a fleet of Nissan Leaf electric cars for employees to use.