The 2015 Community Impact Awards: Green Products/Services

October 19, 2015




Itron Inc.
Liberty Lake

Itron helps customers save scarce resources by offering a product that helps them identify and fix leaks in water pipes or reduce unnecessary use of gas and electricity. Itron also implements green procedures at its own manufacturing facilities, where the firm has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 20 percent.

Thirty of Itrons 70 plants worldwide, including all of its facilities in the United States, are ISO 14001 certified in environmental management. Itron is committed to reducing waste and inefficiency in everything we do, every day, at our locations around the world, says CEO Philip Mezey. From water conservation and recycling programs to energy-efficient buildings and lean manufacturing techniques, were committed to being as resourceful as we can.

Itrons Liberty Lake plant obtained LEED gold certification, the second-highest ranking for environmentally friendly practices. An Itron plant in Minnesota captures rainwater to water its landscaping, while another uses solar power to reduce its carbon footprint by about 60 metric tons a year. Itron has also partnered with the University of Texas at Austin and Webber Energy Group to develop a curriculum to teach high school students about managing natural resources.


Element 8

Since 2006, Element 8 has invested more than $20 million in 57 clean-tech companies across North America, including 21 in Washington state. Last fall, the private angel investors group was honored by the CleanTech Alliance for its significant contributions to the states clean-tech industry. Element 8s portfolio includes companies focusing on bioremediation, energy storage, recycling and sustainable agriculture.