2013 Executive Excellence Awards (COOs/CFOs): Kathryn Flores

January 30, 2013

Sarah Hardy


As the CFO and chief administrative officer of Child Care Resources (CCR), KATHRYN FLORES is always thinking about the future because CCRs mission, to create a quality child care system that promotes school readiness, equity and a stable community for children, centers on building the best opportunities for the children it serves.

When Flores joined CCR in 1998, managing the organizations finances consisted of simple bookkeeping. Flores knew that in order to grow the organization and its finances, CCR would have to improve the business part of its operations. With almost 20 years of experience in the for-profit sector, Flores had the credentials to lead the way. She is responsible for ensuring the maximum application of agency assets to programs which fulfill the agency mission, as well as monitoring, controlling and protecting the agencys assets, says Lisa Bontje, treasurer of CCRs board of directors.

Of her leadership style, Flores says, I would call it a heart-centered style, coupled with deep accountability, respect and ethics.

One of Flores most successful projects was helping the organization win a contract to create a statewide call center to serve Washington families needing child-care resources. It was really exciting creating a model program where it all came together, where [the staff] could see that impact.

In order to increase the understanding of CCRs financial structure, Flores built budget and program modeling templates that used computer modules to quickly analyze data and help staff understand the financial impact of programs in real time. Technology has been a major focus for Flores, who works with Microsoft retirees on the organizations board to increase the organizations technology infrastructure. Indeed, Flores sees herself as a bridge between the corporate and nonprofit worlds. There needed to be a balance when bringing the two together, she says. Blending the cultures is a really interesting experience.