100 Best Companies Snapshot: Pushpay

Winning for the team.

Where do sports teams go to celebrate victories? Disneyland, of course. So it makes sense that this past February, Pushpay flew its 200 employees down to the “happiest place on earth” to celebrate the company’s hitting its goals. “We strive to operate like a professional sports team,” says Weston Belkot, Pushpay’s director of learning and development. “With a sports team you’re always striving to optimize what’s best for the team, and what that means is that people specialize in their roles.”

At the beginning of every fiscal year, the company has a kickoff. “Just like a sports team kicks off the year with training camp and gets ready to go win, that’s what we do. We get excited and pumped and motivated.” Leadership of the mobile-based payment-management platform encourages growth, investing in the LinkedIn Learning program. “We pay for the subscription for everybody,” Belkott says. “We also have something called CEO Book Club. … We buy any book that [our employees] want, as long as it will help them in their jobs.” Belkot adds that Pushpay is extremely purpose driven. “People here are very aligned. We believe that a healthy organization is one with a lot of clarity.” 

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