100 Best Companies Snapshot: Axon

Encouraging free thinking and flexibility.

Axon’s discretionary paid time off is built around a simple concept, says VP of People Operations Gretchen Mastellon. “We hire adults and we want to treat them like adults. … We pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest, so we want to give them leeway in managing their own schedules.” Axon, which designs and produces technology, devices and resources to assist law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, also offers its employees river-rafting trips to the Grand Canyon each summer.

“It’s just a really great way to get out of the office and break down any of the silos that may inadvertently be created between departments because of what they’re focusing on day to day,” Mastellon says. The way the office is set up is a benefit as well. “When we were designing our office, we said, ‘Let’s not think about how things have been done in the past.’ … There’s not an area where the executive sits that is quarantined off. No one has offices. It allows for a lot of free thinking and talking on the go, and allows people to really collaborate in a way that is action oriented.”

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