Tech Impact Awards 2013: Enterprise

September 24, 2013

Gianni Truzzi


WINNER: Microsoft Windows Server

Location: Redmond | Employees: > 90,000 |

Microsoft may be losing ground among consumers, but when it comes to enterprise computing, it remains a powerhouse. The Server & Tools division pulled in

$20.3 billion in revenues in fiscal 2013. Windows Server, one of the divisions flagship products, dominates its market, where it is deployed across enterprises ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. The current (2012) version of Windows Server is a signifiant advance, proving the software giants commitment to keeping up with enterprise needs, especially in cloud computing. As clients use company networks from tablets and smartphones in addition to traditional desktops, Windows Server provides access that is secure, flexible and in compliance with IT management policies. Tasks like virtualization integrate cleanly with Microsofts Azure cloud services, administered through System Center 2012.

Microsoft has been listening to its enterprise customers and responding. The resulting strong technology and a comprehensive service model are likely to keep it riding high as enterprises begin to transition much of their computing to the cloud.

SILVER: Opscode

Location: Seattle | Employees:

As cloud computing grows, this young Seattle firm helps other companies grow along with it. Opscodes Chef framework automates many of the processes to manage its cloud-based systems, making it easier to deploy and scale applications across expanding complex networks. As companies as diverse as consumer internet, financial services, life sciences, education and gaming increasingly need their back-office functions to exchange information with services the customer sees, the cloud and Chefs interconnection are more important than ever.