Amazon Connects Your Palm to Your Wallet

Amazon One, the tech giants new palm scanning technology, will first be implemented in two Amazon Go stores in Seattle

By Nat Rubio-Licht September 30, 2020

Seattle, Washington USA - Dec 2, 2019: Amazon Go Store Where Cashierless Technology Enables Customers to Just Walk Out With Their Goods With No Lines or Checkout

Amazon has new technology that allows you to pay with your palm.

The bio-authentication technology, called Amazon One, allows users to connect their palm signatures to a credit card. To pay, users hover their palms over an Amazon One device to identify themselves.The Seattle-based e-commerce company will debut the Amazon One technology in two Amazon Go stores in Seattle

The world’s largest online retailer will offer the technology to retailers, stadiums and other third parties. Users only need a credit card and a mobile number to use the technology. An Amazon account is not required.

Amazon will secure users’ palm prints by encrypting them and sending them to a secure cloud location. Users can request to delete their palm prints through an Amazon One device or on the Amazon One website.

In March, the Seattle-based company introduced its Just Walk Out technology, which charges users’ cards as they exit a store by tracking their shopping carts.

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