2013 Washington Manufacturing Awards: Emerging Manufacturer | Small Firms

April 9, 2013

Bill Virgin


Winner: Laser Techniques Company, Redmond
Lasers are remarkably versatile and powerful. One business putting that power and versatility to good use is Laser Techniques Company, which makes inspection devices for energy, defense and aerospace applications. Need to quickly and accurately map the condition of nuclear steam-generator apparatus? Laser Techniques makes a tool for that. How about checking aircraft engine parts for cracks that might escape visual inspection? Laser Techniques again. Want a laser inspection tool for monitoring gun bores? Yep, Laser Techniques.

Recent projects include coming up with a portable laser tool to inspect heat-exchanger tubes on a Navy aircraft carrier, saving millions of dollars in unplanned repair costs and schedule delays. Nor is the companys potential market limited to Earth; it also developed an inspection system for pressure vessels used on the International Space Station.

Formed by James and Laura Doyle in 2001, Laser Techniques had a profitable 2012, with revenue growing more than 70 percent from 2011. With a track record of adapting its technology to new applications, Laser Techniques plans on tapping new markets.