June 2009

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Thinking about a reduction in force? Read this article first.

Alden J. Blethen acquires stake in the Seattle Daily

Gold Rush1897
The Klondike Gold Rush begins.

President and CEO, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Add economic woes to an already fickle wine industry.

Fiscally prudent, and the results bear testimony.

If Seattle’s tech sector was borne of the deep recession in
the 1970s when engineers laid off by Boeing started their own companies, will
the sharp increase in unemployment among our region’s talented workers today
create a fertile new spawning ground for innovation?

Pathway Medical lands $40 million venture deal to market medical device.

A “cosmetics cop” educates wary customers and succeeds in business.

By developing pathology networks to produce faster lab results, CellNetix and PAML are helping to reduce health care costs for Washington businesses.

New utility projects will lead to more renewable-energy sources.

Renewable energy, smart grids and federal money come with a hidden downside.

Director, Washington State Department of Commerce

I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person, so I’ll settle for less.

LDHJune is the cruelest month, at least in western Washington.
After a long winter and a short spring, hopes for warmer weather are often
dashed by long stretches of even more cold and rain.

Strategies for success in an economic downturn.

Yes, you can help your business with 140-character messages.

Chateau Ste. Michelle CEO Ted Baseler works for the benefit of the entire state's wine industry, not just his company.

Werner Vogels has made a pioneer in the development and promotion of a new computer architecture.

Decisions made to pull the family together have weakened the Seattle Times.