Joe Bonacci, Tess Wakasugi-Don, Garrick Hughes

Company Name: 
GLY Construction
New Title or Honor: 

GLY announced the addition of three minority shareholders to its ownership. Effective October 1, 2019, the following shareholders were added: Joe Bonacci, Chief Financial Officer; Tess Wakasugi-Don, senior project manager; and Garrick Hughes, senior project manager.


“Joe, Tess, and Garrick are core to the overall success of GLY Construction and we are excited to invite them as shareholders as we head into 2020,” said Herb. “Each of them are trailblazers in their own way and they bring decades of experience that is core to what makes our company one of the best. We are excited to see them continue to grow and make an impact in these new roles.”


Bonacci joined GLY in 2016 as director of finance, a role he held for three years before being named CFO in late 2018. Bonacci’s involvement in leveraging new technology to improve various processes continues to have tremendous impact on internal and external customer service. He will also serve on the company’s executive committee.


Wakasugi-Don currently serves as a senior project manager and is the first female owner in the firm’s 52-year-history. She possesses an exceptional knowledge of construction methods, materials and resources and has coordinated the efficient delivery of highly complex projects in both Seattle and Bellevue.


Hughes currently serves as a senior project manager and his career at GLY has mirrored the growth of the tech industry with the delivery of multiple complex projects for Amazon and Expedia. He continuously pushes the tired conventions of the industry to improve efficiency and processes that eliminate waste and cost.