Human Resources

September 19, 2016

Kim Vu, Puget Sound CSR Manager Bank of America

sponsored by Bank of America When Pearl Woo walked into the Washington State Low Income Housing Alliances annual meeting last summer, she felt a jolt of excitement at seeing so many nonprofit leaders together in one place. As a new intern, this was her first time attending a meeting of this caliber. She left feeling…

September 15, 2016By Christina Balam

The search for a new tech job can be daunting. Sitting in a room for 4-6 hours in a stretch while a new person comes in with a whole new set of questions every 30-60 minutes. Interviewers dig into code, setup discussions around code quality and delivery, and tailor their questions to draw out your…

June 12, 2016

Stacey Moninski, Human Resources Manager for Bank of America in Seattle

In addition to generous leave policies, top companies also offer benefits to support infertility treatment and higher education subsidies