Fred Hutch to Begin Covid-19 Vaccine Trial

The cancer research center is enrolling volunteers for a Phase 3 Study

November 9, 2020By Rob Smith


Seattles Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is starting volunteer enrollment for a Covid-19 vaccine trial. The study will examine whether AstraZenecas AZD1222 vaccine can protect against Covid-19.

The announcement comes the same day that drug company Pfizer said that its clinical trial showed its vaccine was more than 90% effective.

Fred Hutch hopes to enroll 500 volunteers who are at risk for Covid-19 and who could be disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Volunteers must be at least 18.

Finding an effective vaccine to safely protect the world from Covid-19 is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our generation, says Dr. Julie McElrath, senior vice president and director of Fred Hutchs Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division.

More information on enrollment can be found here.