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2018 Leaders in Health Care, Innovation in Health Care Delivery: Vera Whole Health

The Seattle company is being honored as a Leader in Health Care

By Teresa Kenney and Leslie Helm March 1, 2018


This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue of Seattle magazine.

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Vera Whole Health

Vera Whole Health has taken primary health care focused on preventive care rather than sick care out of its traditional setting and placed it in the workplace.

The company has on-site clinics in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California and Arizona (and soon, Idaho), for clients such as the city of Kirkland, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle Childrens Hospital, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Hoffman Construction, Securities Industries Specialties and Horizon House. Vera Whole Health provides the same care provided by primary care practices (aside from imaging), and all the care, including medications dispensed and lab work, is free to the clients employees. Time spent with providers can be anywhere from

30 to 60 minutes, allowing health care providers to gather more information and address any underlying concerns such as stress, depression or anxiety that may be leading to health issues. Vera Whole Health CEO Ryan Schmid says the added patient time with practitioners allows them to place attention on the impact that culture has on health.

Vera Whole Health will then work with its clients to create a workplace culture conducive to improved social, mental and physical health. Vera Whole Health also offers employees health coaching and access to lunch-and-learn sessions as well as workshops on such topics as mindfulness training.

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