PCC Community Market Becomes First Grocer to Receive Green Certification

Seattle-based grocer received the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification at its Ballard location

By Nat Rubio-Licht December 2, 2020


PCC Community Markets is getting greener.

The Seattle-based grocer received the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification for green building standards at its Ballard location. PCC Community Markets is the first grocer in the world to receive the certification, which was obtained from the International Living Future Institute, an environmental NGO.

The Living Building Challenge is one of the most rigorous green building standards. PCC met the requirements for three of the petals of the challenge: materials, beauty and place.

To meet the materials requirement of eliminating toxic substances from the building, PCC spent two years reviewing building materials and equipment. For the place requirement of protecting existing thriving ecosystems, PCC contributed funds to protect an area of land equivalent to Ballard PCCs building approximately 27,000 feet.

For the beauty requirement, PCC partnered with Seattle illustrator and artist Kyler Martz to create an art installation at the entryway of the door that features a 16-foot-tall octopus and an underwater-themed mural.

PCC is setting the standard for grocers around the world showing the possibilities of building for a better future, says Shawn Hesse, director of business development at the International Living Future Institute. We look forward to seeing how PCC continues to drive positive impacts in their community as they pursue the challenge with their future locations.

PCC’s West Seattle and Bellevue locations are also vying for the certification. PCC operates 15 stores in the region.

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