Green Washington Awards 2013: Technology

October 29, 2013

Nick Horton



A global renewable energy forecasting firm, 3Tier assesses the potential risks and rewards of future wind and solar projects. 3Tier can use its proprietary forecasting technology to provide stakeholders with reliable, detailed data on the feasibility and performance of projects anywhere on Earth. For a solar project or wind project, 3Tier might advise a client where irradiance is strongest or wind power is the most reliable.

3Tier has assessed wind and solar projects totaling more than 21.2 gigawatts of proposed energy production on six continents. The companys services are invaluable for developers in search of financing. In the past two years, 3Tier has assisted clients in securing $4.6 billion in solar investments. It also provides data management and delivery services for operators of such projects. All of 3Tiers products are intended to build solid economic cases for wind and solar energy around the world.

SILVER: Scope 5

In the landscape of data management and reporting, there is a vast expanse between Microsoft Excel and SAP. Excel is simplistic and inflexible; SAP is expensive, huge and time consuming to master. Into that void steps Scope 5, a developer of affordable yet nimble data management software thats designed to improve clients abilities to track, monitor and manage their carbon footprints. Scope 5 has already impressed onlookers: Its City of Bellevue Public Dashboard gives employees and residents a firsthand view of exactly how much carbon the city is using. Scope 5 has also scored big in projects with Expeditors International, Terex Corporation and K2 Sports.