Green Washington Awards 2012: Technology/Clean Tech

October 18, 2012

Nick Horton


WINNER: Demand Energy Networks, Liberty Lake
Pioneer in energy storage. Allows businesses and/or utilities to manage renewable energy generation more effectively.
Green Actions: Renewable energy has always faced a fundamental challenge: How do we operate a solar-powered grid when the sun ducks behind a cloud? Demand Energy Networks Joule.System integrates patented, modular energy storage and proprietary software, offering commercial customers a comprehensive energy management tool. Results: The Joule.System was successfully installed in Liberty Lakes Meadowwood Technology Park, allowing property managers to store energy from the facilitys 31-kilowatt solar array. In August of this year, Demand Energys products were used in a pilot project by the Benton PUD, the Franklin PUD and the City of Richland, proving that utilities will be able to store renewable energy generated during off-peak periods for use during times of peak demand.

SILVER AWARD: 3Tier Inc., Seattle
Evaluates and assesses the risk of weather variability (and the viability of wind and/or solar projects) at any location on the planet.

Green Actions: 3Tier assists developers, renewable utility operators and energy traders in site identification and yield assessment, ensuring that renewable energy projects are built in suitable sites around the globe. Results: In the 650-plus studies 3Tier has conducted, it has assessed a total of 20 gigawatts of wind energy production and 1.2 gigawatts of solar projects on six continents. It has also helped clients secure more than $4.6 billion in solar investment in the past two years alone.

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