Green Washington Awards 2012: Services

October 18, 2012

Nick Horton


WINNER: CleanScapes, Seattle
Provides solid waste, recycling, food waste and exterior custodial services in Seattle, Shoreline, Issaquah, Des Moines and beyond.
Green Actions: CleanScapes Clear Alley Program was the first solid waste removal service to eliminate dumpsters altogether. Customers are charged on a per-bag, pay as you throw basis that encourages waste reduction, eliminates unsightly receptacles and cans, and effectively reclaims alleys for their surrounding communities. CleanScapes has expanded its collection services to include curbside Styrofoam, fluorescent and CFL bulb removalthereby eliminating toxic mercury from landfill-bound wasteand a bicycle recycling program that donates refurbished bikes to children of low income families. The companys fleet of trucks is powered by compressed natural gas, and the newest wave of trucks features ultra-efficient hydraulic launch assist technology.
Results: The companys Clean Alley Program has increased recycling rates while helping to decrease overall waste. Perhaps as important: Downtown Seattles alleys are now free of dumpsters.

SILVER AWARD: Service Linen Supply, Renton
Provider of laundry services for food-and-beverage and health care customers.

Green Actions: In November 2011, Service Linen Supply installed the revolutionary new Milnor CBW Washer with Pulse Flow, a 79-foot-long, 50,000-pound machine that will cut down the companys water use by 20 million gallons each year. Prior to its installation, Service Linen used approximately two gallons of water for each pound of laundry; the Milnor washer uses only 0.6 gallons per pound. Results: Since 1997, Service Linens efforts to go green have reduced its energy use by 27 percent, saving almost 11 trillion Btu in the process.

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