The Green Washington 2010 Winners

By By Steve Reno, Wes Simons and Leslie Helm September 23, 2010


Green Wa 2010

The bar gets higher each year. This year, we had more than 100 nominations in our Green Washington Awards program, making the selection process more competitive than ever. Our expert judges debated fiercely over a number of points: Should we be judging companies only on what they are doing to lower the environmental footprint of their products, or should we also take into consideration their position on important political issues that affect the environment? And what can we do as a program to encourage important new trends, including the move away from being a throwaway society to one that encourages recycling and reuse? In the following pages, you will see some familiar companies but also many that are less well known.

All are in the forefront of making our state a greener place to live and work.

Click below to read about the winners and runners-up in each category:

Meet the Green Washington 2010 judges panel.

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