February 2010

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Seattle athletes may move on, but their spirit of giving lingers in their former home.

What would it take to make Seattle a premier town for sports and all the business that comes with it?

Google and Microsoft engage in hand-to-hand combat in some unlikely theaters of operation.

The battle lines between Microsoft and Google run through Seattle.

Is Bellevue threatening Seattle’s retail supremacy?

Theo Chocolate’s bean-to-bar strategy pays off.

A regionwide effort to make electricity distribution more efficient gets under way.

A Seattle company mates social networking technology with online dating.

Event Promoter

After years of research, Dendreon is finally ready to release its first therapy... and it may be a blockbuster.

If Washington wants to succeed in clean tech, it needs to lose the smug self-regard and take a clear-eyed look at itself.

Branding a local coffee experience.

The Woods Coffee Co. works to create community wherever it goes, and to avoid Starbucks’ mistakes.

The economy may be turning around, but the commercial real estate market has yet to hit bottom.

Local businesses tap into the potential of algae for everything from fuel to food.

A Play in One, Final Act.

LesliePassing my eyes over a string of Tweets at the end of a tiring day recently, it struck me how exasperating they are with their fragmented phrases, awkward abbreviations and endless web links.

Seattle has become a good place for brain care.

Boosting morale often transcends the business cycle, age and even pay.