Fair Winds and Calm Seas

By By Nick Horton June 18, 2010

This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue of Seattle magazine.

Second Place (Tie)

Small Companies

Its a Thursday morning in Gig Harbor, and that means one
thing: The investment advisers and associates at the Threshold Group are
wearing jeans. But for the right to wear denim, these rebels have each donated
a sum of money which will be matched by the investment advisory firm and given
to charitable causes in the Puget Sound region.

Jeans Day is just one way that the employees and
management of this elite firm give back to their community. Founded in 2004 by
investment gurus George and Jane Russell, the Threshold Group often ranks among
the regions best places to work. And with an on-site marina, a jaw-dropping
building set on the shores of Gig Harbor, and an unprecedented amount of
support and freedom offered from the top tier, its no surprise.

The Threshold Group provides advisory services to families
of very high net worth. But it also gives nearly as many services and benefits
to its 26 employees, who are the firms most prized assets. Every effort is
made to foster their growthbe it professional, personal, physical or

Each January, every associate spells out his or her goals
for the year to management and decides which professional development courses
to take and which conferences to attend. Employees can telecommute when needed
and adapt work schedules to their personal needsbe it a new child, a health
condition or any significant commitment.

At the Threshold Group, growth is the goal:
growth for clients, for employees and for the whole. That goal is met every
day, and the results are impressive.

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