Q&A: Christian Sullivan, Head of Schools at Tacoma’s Annie Wright Schools

"We have the unique ability as educators to positively impact the lives of children and help them make a positive contribution in the world."

August 22, 2018By John Levesque


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Tell us what your company does and what attracted you to this business.

Our goal at Annie Wright Schools is to educate children to be creative and responsible citizens with real-world problem-solving skills and a global perspective. Annie Wright does this in an environment that is both nurturing and academically rigorous. We have coed programs in kindergarten to grade 8 and separate upper schools for girls and boys in grades 9-12. (The inaugural class for the Upper School for Boys began in fall 2017). We also offer both day and boarding options so students and families can choose the right fit for them.

Education has been at my core since I can remember. I taught math and PE and coached in various schools internationally for nearly 10 years before taking on administrative roles. We have the unique ability as educators to positively impact the lives of children and help them make a positive contribution in the world. And as the world of education continues to evolve, it is our job to be at the forefront of the changing needs of our community and students while honoring our pioneering traditions. This is why I am particularly proud of Annie Wright and our approach: Year after year, we continue to attract local, national and international students. We are dynamic, we are flexible and we want the best for our future leaders.

What book/TV show/podcast are you reading/watching/listening to and why?

Im currently reading Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. When I can read something other than school-related material, I almost always choose good historical fiction.

Whats your favorite spot in Seattle?

The Olympic Sculpture Park and walk along the water. Pink Door is also always a hit with the family!

What kind of car do you drive and why?

A Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2006. At the time we bought the Highlander, it gave us the space we needed for our family and its environmentally sound.

Tell us something people dont know about you.

I am the only person on both sides of my family who attended college.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I am addicted to current affairs and politics. With that, Annie Wright remains an open environment for all points of view, without bias or prejudice. We want our students to have the opportunity to form their own opinions and beliefs. International travel is also high on the list.

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