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Off the Clock: Skanska’s Murphy McCullough Scours Seattle for Vinyl

Skanska's executive vice president hunts through record stores with his son.

By John Levesque January 28, 2019


This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of Seattle magazine.

This article appears in print in the January 2019 issue. Click here for a free subscription.

Tell us what your company does and what attracted you to this business.

Skanska is one of the largest development and construction companies in the U.S. Our Commercial Development team invests in and develops customer-focused, highly sustainable office and multi-family properties in Seattle.

I was attracted to commercial development after my first job out of college working on the construction management of Harbor Steps. I watched this project completely transform 1st Avenue from a gritty area in the early 1990s to a destination for living, dining and retail. That inspired me to pursue a career that contributed to neighborhoods and elevates the community and the city.

At Skanska, I love working for a human-focused business that prioritizes culture, customers and the communities in which we work.

What book/TV show/podcast are you reading/watching/listening to and why?

One of my passions is photography, and right now Im inspired by the book, Vivian Maier: A Photographer Found. She was an unknown nanny in the 1950s-1970s whose worked was not discovered until after her death, when someone purchased the contents of her storage unit at an auction without knowing what they would get. Since then, she has been embraced as one of the most gifted midcentury photographers. She had no formal training but so much incredible talent.

Whats your favorite spot in Seattle?

I live in West Seattle above Alki and I love the proximity to the water for paddleboarding, kayaking-and long boarding along the boardwalk. It feels like a little enclave of island culture in the city.

What kind of car do you drive and why?

I drive a Tesla Model S. Its by far the best car Ive owned the simplicity of the technology and driving experience are futuristic and really fun. I have solar panels on my house, so Im driving off the sun, as its 100 percent electric.

Tell us something people dont know about you.

I love black and white photography and music. My son and I hunt through record stores for cool vinyl discoveries together.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My father was an airline pilot so travel was a huge part of my family experience growing up, which I love sharing with my own family now. It is also important to me to contribute to the city where I live and work, so I share myself via board and committee positions. Most recently, I served as chair of the City of Seattle Design Review Board.

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