The 2017 Executive Excellence Awards: Tucker Moodey

President, eCommerce Platform, Expedia Inc.

January 16, 2017

Gianni Truzzi


In Tucker Moodeys view, its comfortable to collaborate among people who share the same skills but more successful when you work across fields. Thats the insight he brought to leading Expedias eCommerce Platform, which supports a growing portfolio of online travel brands. Moodeys two years in that role have required integrating some of Expedias largest acquisitions, including Travelo-city and Orbitz, into centralized operations. Infrastructure grew to support a 70 percent rise in transactions, improving scale and efficiency as well as performance. To deliver, he notes, We had to make a fundamental change. Moodey modeled the values he sought in others, holding listening sessions with employees at all levels and appointing a task force to address barriers to a collaborative culture. While compliance was eager, he says it was difficult to find leaders who could lead across disciplines, experts who could manage not just the tech side but the operations side as well. His success has its proof in the 3,000 global professionals who execute the technology and operations for Expedias growing stable of brands that also includes, Trivago, HomeAway and Hotwire. Moodey also finds great value in the skills of military veterans. As executive sponsor of the Expedia Military Veterans Association, he helps Expedia engage with the veteran community, mining the values of leadership and problem solving he strives to cultivate.