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Bellevue Rolls Out New Online Map to Track Downtown Projects

The Building Bellevue map shows designs, renderings, details and contact information

By Rob Smith May 13, 2019

The downtown city of Bellevue, Washington, USA, with numerous contruction cranes and skyscrapers under construction.

The city of Bellevue has unveiled a new online map to track downtown and Bel Red neighborhood projects.

Called Building Bellevue, the map reveals proposed building designs, projects status and detains and contact information for project applicants and land-use planners. However, it doesnt display projects under construction. That information is contained on the citys Major Projects List.

The new map is a complementary piece to the citys Major Projects List, a quarterly print publication used by real estate professionals that details major projects. The new map will display all major projects set for pre-application conferences and for design review and mast development plan applications. The map will pull information directly from application materials and will present the information in real time.

According to commercial real estate firm Colliers International, the Eastside market is experiencing unprecedented growth, as a booming economy and space limitations in Seattle increasingly drive demand in Bellevue and other Eastside cities. The report notes that Eastside employment is projected to grow 28 percent by 2035.

It also says that the Bel Red neighborhood east of downtown is particularly hot.

The Bel Red corridor houses one of the citys oldest neighborhoods and has historically been home to small businesses in light industrial space with few multifamily or large commercial developments, the report says. That will soon change as a wave of new infrastructure, multifamily, and office projects reshapes the historic neighborhood.

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