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By Seattle Business Magazine February 3, 2016


This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of Seattle magazine.

Kudos to John Levesque on his Year in Business column in the December issue of Seattle magazine (published simultaneously as Final Analysis in Seattle Business). Its a tour-de-farce of acerbic and accurate insight into Seattles growing pains from the tunnel not being dug by Bertha to the Potola Pit just a long tee shot to the north, and from the buildings in Ballard being designed by the Northwest School of the Architecturally Challenged to saving the facade of a sweet old building and gluing it to the front of a new hipster-plex on Capitol Hill. Of the half-dozen bullet points in his business-related questions to ponder, my favorite was: Will the CEO plant a tree in the lobby for old times sake when Weyerhaeuser moves its corporate headquarters to Pioneer Square? It was truly one of the best analysis pieces about Seattle Ive ever read in its own right, but when couched in the unique Levesque style, it was a real winner.

On Facebook, Second Use Building Materials posted: A huge thanks to Seattle Business magazine for this [Community Impact Awards] honor, [to] organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Mighty House Construction and Backyard Barter for their collaboration, and our community for their support!

Also on Facebook, Quantum Windows and Doors posted: The December 2015 issue of Seattle Business magazine addresses the preservation and adaptation of Seattles historic buildings into fabulous retail spaces. Were doing a happy dance at Quantum seeing our projects at Filson and Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room receiving such deserved press.

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