Top Innovators 2010


Ideas come from all sorts of places, but it takes a special person to recognize the ramifications of those ideas. That is what innovation is all about. People had been watching apples fall from trees for thousands of years before Sir Isaac Newton watched the apple’s acceleration during its fall and realized that the same force was at work keeping the moon in orbit around the Earth. While not all innovators have that sudden flash of insight—the apocryphal apple conking Sir Isaac in the head, Archimedes’ overflowing bath, or Kekulé’s dream of the benzene carbon ring—what is true is that innovators are as predisposed toward finding solutions from existing tools as they are capable of creating new tools; they see what others have missed, building on prior work to make something entirely new.

Top Innovators is Seattle Business’ celebration of the spark of innovation. Whether an inventor creates a new device or an entrepreneur creates a new market, these are the people and innovations we will be watching.

Update: Click here to see a photo gallery from our Top Innovators awards banquet Oct. 21, 2010 at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle.

The Top Innovators of 2010:

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