The 2015 Washington Manufacturing Awards: Manufacturing Innovator of the Year, Small Firms



Breedt Production Tooling and Design


To call Breedt a contract manufacturer or supplier would be to sell the company far short on its record of coming up with new designs and products that solve problems for its customers. The latest example is the Breedt Marine Bumper System, which replaces conventional designs that used recycled tires. Instead, a modular fender that’s easy to install, inspect and maintain provides the needed cushioning for piers and docks and is environmentally friendly.

Company founder Andries Breedt has tackled projects for most of the region’s big-name manufacturers, and he has helped develop everything from aftermarket car parts to carts for delivering parts and components to an assembly line.
Breedt also has taken on projects not normally associated with a machine shop, such as a kinetic art sculpture consisting of thousands of small metal plates, installed on the side of a Seattle parking garage and designed to create shimmering patterns with passing breezes. 

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