The 2015 Washington Manufacturing Awards: Emerging Manufacturer





Three-dimensional printing is rapidly moving from the wave of the future in manufacturing to the standard operating procedure of today, and Fathom has been riding that wave. The seven-year-old Bay Area company converted a sales office in Seattle to a full design and production house, offering advanced prototyping and low-volume production.

The company has been a proselytizer for additive manufacturing, twice hosting open houses on National Manufacturing Day. Its product portfolio includes Stratasys brand professional 3-D printers and manufacturing systems as well as advanced manufacturing services.

Principals Rich Stump and Michelle Mihevc founded Fathom in 2008 and rebranded it as Fathom in 2012. 


Blue Frog Solar


To make solar-generated electricity work requires a device called an inverter, which converts DC power to AC. That’s where Blue Frog Solar comes in, with its made-in-Washington inverters that qualify buyers for state-sponsored incentives. Founded in 2011, Blue Frog Solar reports 80 percent year-over-year growth in sales. To extend that trend line, it has established the Simple Solar program, partnering with a local credit union, a Washington manufacturer of solar panels and installers to offer customers financing, installation and access to incentives. It’s also working with builders and developers on solar installations for multiple residences.  

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