The 2015 Tech Impact Awards: SAAS



Location: Seattle | Employees: 65

EnergySavvy CEO Aaron Goldfeder says he wants a utility customer’s experience of energy efficiency to be “more like Amazon and less like the IRS.” Utilities have tried to push their customers into using less and cleaner energy, but EnergySavvy helps utilities engage them through new products and services, and provides utilities better usage analytics. “To do that at scale,” Goldfeder says, “you have to make it really easy to participate.”

The need for a lower-carbon industry is urgent, Goldfeder believes, as rates of energy consumption continue to climb. Clients like Puget Sound Energy and PSEG Long Island improve customer participation in clean energy initiatives through EnergySavvy Optix Engage, an online platform to educate and assist with the application process, as well as “meter” energy savings in real time.

Since its 2008 founding, the Pioneer Square company has nearly doubled its number of customers each year and opened a branch development office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With a recent $8.3 million investment, Goldfeder foresees building a major enterprise company that can drive progress toward a cleaner economy. 


Location: Bellevue | Employees: 65

Chronus helps companies use their best assets to develop employees’ talents: each other. Its multiplatform system helps organizations start, manage, measure and scale a corporate mentoring program, where matched employees help others improve their skills and build careers. The system’s low administration costs and progress measurement tools have proved valuable to customers like Comcast, Daimler Trucks and MetLife, pushing Chronus to speedy growth in only four years with more than 500,000 users in nearly 150 countries. 

Location: Bothell | Employees: 428

TalentWise’s “Hire” platform eases the grind of making a new hire and focuses more on the excitement of an employee’s first day. Streamlining the process from offer to start, TalentWise provides cloud-based services to manage electronically such HR tasks as background checks, drug screening, E-Verify, and government filings anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available. Since 2013, the company has experienced more than 40 percent revenue growth and exceptionally high customer retention. 


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