April 2018

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Craving a lobster roll? A bialy? You can find good ones in Seattle.

Your customer doesn’t care if you’re feeling sick or having a bad day.

A Redmond firm believes its compact fusion technology is the right kind of nuclear energy.

Becky Witmer dishes on being a theater kid and the strangest patron complaints.

What does energy management look like at CenturyLink?

Blue Canoe Learning uses AI to teach English pronunciation.

Artificial intelligence is changing everything, and Seattle may become the hub for key elements of it.

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The Bainbridge Island-based company was founded in 1980 and is the largest producer of premium fly rods in the United States.

On second thought, for Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin, the sky is just the beginning.

The head of astronaut strategy at Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin discusses her background, her love of "Star Trek," the New Glenn rocket and when consumers might be headed to infinity and beyond.

Ride-hail businesses have disrupted the transportation sector so thoroughly that cities like Seattle are forced to play catch-up — with inadequate information — as they try to regulate the new players while keeping legacy taxi companies viable.

The ordinance that was passed by the Seattle City Council in 2015 is currently in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bitcoin mining machines use a tremendous amount of power and the mid-Columbia utilities in Washington have long had some of the cheapest rates in the world.