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By Logic20/20 January 14, 2023

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Logic20/20 builds camaraderie and connection in distributed teams

Like most companies, Logic20/20 has experienced major changes in the way we work over the past few years. Our transition from a primarily in-office team to a geographically dispersed organization has confirmed a truth we knew all along: When your culture is strong to begin with, it can withstand major disruptions.

One of the values we live by is “Foster a ‘culture of we.’” Our commitment to supporting and relying on each other has been woven into the fabric of our organization since the very beginning. So, when our working model shifted, adapting to the change was simply a matter of accommodating the new logistics.

Photo courtesy Logic20/20

Today we have team members in 26 states, and those who live near Logic20/20 offices work hybrid schedules that balance on-site and work-from-home days. So how do you build culture and connection among team members who rarely share the same air?

One approach that’s proven successful is what we call “connected consulting days”— designated days in our established offices and in co-working spaces around the country when everyone in the area gets to enjoy the experience of working in the same space for a day. Our social and volunteer committees have developed innovative events such as a hybrid on-site/virtual holiday cookie decorating party and a “virtual hub walk” as part of our Movember campaign.

Photo courtesy Logic20/20


We also created a Teams chat for each of our connected hubs, where team members can engage with others in the area to socialize, chat about local happenings, and plan in-person meetups.

Of course, culture is much more than events and campaigns. It’s wrapped up in the way each team member approaches their work, their colleagues, and their connection to the organization. Whether our teams are physically together in an office or working hundreds of miles apart, the “culture of we” remains a common thread that holds us together.

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