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By Seattle Business Magazine January 5, 2023

Photo credit: Newfront Insurance

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For too long, insurance brokerages have been stuck in the old way of doing things — delivering material to clients on paper, storing sensitive information in filing cabinets, and even relying on fax machines.

Newfront is a modern insurance brokerage that’s doing things differently, offering innovative technology and the convenient digital experiences customers expect from other industries, but rarely get from insurance. That’s why, for the third year in a row, Newfront has been named one of the Washington’s Best Companies to Work For by Seattle Business magazine. “This recognition is validation of our mission and the incredible team we’ve built,” says Newfront CEO Spike Lipkin. “We are at an exciting inflection point as industry leading professionals are voting with their feet to join this team.”

Newfront is a full-service insurance, benefit, and retirement service brokerage, changing the insurance journey for clients and consultants through its revolutionary technology. Newfront’s innovation goes far beyond simply digitizing insurance transactions. That’s thanks to a combination of leaders with deep industry knowledge and those at the cutting edge, which includes a head of data from Google, head of engineering from Lyft, chief product officer from Strava, and other product team members from companies like Uber and Mint.

Newfront clients have access to a portal to view their insurance plans and self-serve certain requests, similar to how they might for online banking. Newfront also collects robust data to share with clients and hone predictive analytics. Implementing technology translates to reduced costs for clients and less room for human error, as well as more time for Newfront’s staff to focus on the tasks that matter: digging deeper into client risk profiles and business goals to steer them toward success.

“Our success as a company starts from within, with everyone believing in our mission, vision, and values,” Lipkin says. Everything at Newfront is driven by people, and the company is guided by the idea that creating a better employee experience leads to better outcomes for clients. “While we’re achieving accelerated revenue growth, it’s never at the sacrifice of great culture and great people,” says Garth Hamilton, executive vice president at Newfront and regional managing director for the Pacific Northwest.

Though Newfront’s headquarters are in San Francisco, the company maintains an experienced group in the Pacific Northwest. “It’s the most talented service team I have ever encountered,” Hamilton says. “It pulls in the best of the organization to work in an environment that promotes respect and culture.” As a company, Newfront can support Pacific Northwest producers and clients who specialize in maritime, tech, life sciences, agriculture, food and beverage, real estate, construction, and many other areas. “We are still all one company,” Hamilton says. For that reason, knowledge and resources are shared across the teams in the Bay Area, New York, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

The Pacific Northwest is a leader for emerging technologies and business innovation — and Newfront understands the exciting opportunity that comes from their presence in the region. “We are dedicated to making investments here, growing here, and making advancements here,” Hamilton says.


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